Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cole celebrates at School

Although I have someone that keeps the boys at home Cole goes to our church's Mother's Day Out program 2 half days a week. He enjoys being around his friends and teachers. I have never really seen his class in action due to work so I thought it would be nice to have pizza and cookies for Cole's birthday. I think they enjoyed it!Miss Jamie and Miss Kelly with ColeFingerlicking good
Getting ready to sing their prayer

We have a new nephew!

Baby Shep has been born and we couldn't be more excited. Brittany and Clint went to the hospital yesterday morning around 4:00 and 14 hours later had their son in their arms. We went down after work to wait on his arrival and get a peek at our nephew. Brittany, Shep and Clint are doing great! He was born at 8:05 weighing 7 pounds 6 ounces measuring 20 inches long. He has a head full of blonde hair. The boys were super excited and Cole can't wait for baby Shep to come to his house. Proud ParentsCan you see Cole's excitement!
All the Pugh boys!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cole's 3 year check-up

We recently changed pediatricians and couldn't be happier. Cole did amazingly well at his 3 year check-up allowing the doctor to ask questions, look in his ears, eyes, nose and throat as well as taking deep breaths for him. To my surprise Cole left the visit with an antibiotic, a nebulizer for breathing treatments, singulair and a referral to the ENT for his tonsils and adenoids. My poor child has been congested for a few weeks but I would have never believed he needed all of this. Since a baby, Cole would throw up anytime he was sick and still continues to do so - large tonsils. He snores terribly at night - enlarged adenoids, has a hard time breathing while eating resulting in eating so slowly. He was in his regular 2-3% for weight weighing 25.4 pounds and was in the 25th percentile for height measuring 3 feet exactly. We will see the ENT on the 28th and then go back to the pediatrician on the 8th of February. I can't wait to see what all we find out about Owen at his 18 month check-up.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cole's Birthday Surprise

Yesterday our first born turned 3. It is so hard to believe that 3 years ago he came into this world as a tiny baby who depended on us for everything and today he tries to be as independent as he can. Wow! The years have flown by but it is so very hard to remember our life without him. He can make Dax and I so mad and 2 seconds later melt our hearts and make us laugh uncontrollably. He is so strong-willed yet so vulnerable, he is so harsh yet so incredibly sweet, he is so independent yet so dependent. We loved him from the minute we saw him and that love grows more and more each day. We had his actual birthday party early because of our Upward season beginning at church so yesterday when he woke up to us telling him "Happy Birthday" he was rather confused. We did celebrate at my parent's house since it happened to be Aunt Meg's birthday too! Mom cooked and we brought a cookie cake - I just knew Cole would eat this since he loves cookies; wrong...he didn't like it either. (Mom called to tell me that Cole won the Birthday Cake from Dairy Queen this morning - she always calls them in. We are shooting for him eating the ice cream cake since he loves ice cream. If not we are out of luck with the cakes.)
Then Honey, Monts and Uncle Ty brought his birthday surprise over after naps. Cole was so excited he could hardly stand it. He has his very own tractor - radio and all. Of course, he rode for a minute inside then Dax took it to the garage after Owen went to sleep so Cole could ride a little bit more. Thanks Honey, Monts and Uncle Ty!

Farmer Cole is ready for work

Monday, January 4, 2010

Our First Troy Basketball Game

Dax and I used Mom and Dad's tickets Saturday night to take Cole to the men's basketball game at Troy. Dax and I both remember going when we were much younger. It was the "cool" thing to do. Neither one of us have been since middle school or early high school - which is sad because we enjoyed it.We thought we would treat Cole since he has taken an interest in basketball. Cole loved it! He was so good the entire time; especially since it was nearing way past bedtime.However, with only 9 minutes left in the game, Cole was over it. He proclaimed he wanted to go home. We didn't fight with him but Dax did tell him when we got in the car that you are suppose to stay for the whole game. Of course, it was followed with a "Why?" I think his reasoning for wanting to go was because he wanted to play basketball and he knew he couldn't at the game.

A Shared Birthday Party

This past Saturday we had Cole's 3rd birthday party. Since Upward begins this weekend we knew that the first Saturday in January was our only chance at using the Family Life Center at the church so we booked it and started planning. When we first told the news that we were expecting Cole our friends Matt and Amanda came by to let us know their news. Cole was due on the 17th and Pruitt wasn't due until February but both came early making them 11 days apart. Matt and Dax grew up together sharing only 10 days between their births so we found it funny that Cole and Pruitt would have 11 days between them. Then it became odd that Tucker and Owen would have 13 days between them. We joke that if one is pregnant then so is the other. It has been fun seeing the boys grow especially since they are so close together. This year we decided that a joint party would be the way to go so the invitations were sent, the cake and pizza were ordered and the bouncer was set up. To say that they enjoyed themselves is an understatement. Cole wouldn't even blow out his candles because he wanted to play. Thank you to all who joined us and made Cole's 3rd birthday party one to remember.I can't believe 3 years have passed since I had this little man. He loves me and I sure do love him! Great cake from Teresa's Cake Design - she matched the invitationThe boys doing a little wrestling. Cole, Pruitt and Jackson Booth - all their daddies graduated high school together
Shooting a little b-ball with Nint and TyCole with Nana

Enjoying his drumset that the Vaugahan's so graciously gave...he hasn't quit playing yet