Monday, January 10, 2011


with Reese and these amazing photos!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

December 2010

December proved to be busy for us with the early arrival of our daughter and Christmas but was packed full of memories that will always be cherished.
Reese came 3 weeks early just like her brother Owen and has been such a little blessing. The Lord gave us a great gift here at Christmas! Cole and Owen adore her and are such good big brothers to her; I hate to see what the future holds with their protection. She won't be able to get too far from them :)
We had a wonderful December and I will let the photos speak for themselves. Hope everyone had an amazing time with family and friends and best wishes for a wonderful new year!Honey and Monts with their 4th grandchild and 1st granddaughter.Nana and Pops are pros after 5 children and 8 grandchildren.I love this man so much more than I could have ever imagined. He is an amazing husband and father.A Pugh girl!I am so blessed with my husband and three amazing kids.I love this boy! It is crazy how you can love all your children with your whole heart! Each one is special in their own way.Owen loves his Reese. We hear numerous times a day, "I kiss her!".Aunt Sandra happened to be in Dothan and dropped by to see this sweetie. She is one of Dax's aunts that the children get their "red" hair from.Love these girls to pieces! I have been so blessed by them and are so thankful they are in my life. It is so great to know that I can trust them with anything. They have prayed and prayed for me and my family and for that I am forever grateful! They were so sweet to come see us in the hospital!Posing with sweet Reese before leaving the hospital.Reese went on her first outing when she was a week old. Of course, we had Christmas shopping to finish.So so hard to believe we have three children and that one of them is a little girl now.Reese ready for our Sunday School Christmas party.Scrub scrub...we had to give that hair a good washing.Reese getting her first real bath; December 23, 2010.Ever since Dax and I married we have exchanged family gifts on Christmas Eve night and taken a family photo. It is hard to believe we have grown to this in the last five years. What a blessing! Owen, Reese and Cole's Santa. They also got a swing set.Cole playing with the little tractors.Both the boys got more farm stuff. Owen loves putting the cows in the pen.

Owen enjoying his Thomas the Train scooter Nana and Pops gave him.

Uncle Tyson spoils the boys with exactly what they ask for. This year Cole requested a square baler.Reese 3 weeks old...bright eyed on New Year's Day