Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas for The Pughs

I know, I know....terrible at updating the blog. I went from Halloween to Christmas with nothing. Cole had a great first Christmas. Of course, he is still too young to really realize what is going on but he enjoyed seeing everyone and playing with new toys as well.

We began our holiday season with pictures with Santa. As you can see below he didn't care too much for Santa Cluas. The night we went was perfect. There was no one in line so we didn't have to wait. Dax, nor I, thought Cole would cry but buddy did he ever. His little lip poked out and he let it go. We couldn't help but laugh a little.

On Christmas Eve we started at The Pollard's house, Dax's grandparents, for lunch with his cousins and then headed to my Granny and Granddaddy's for gifts, Church and dinner. Thank you to all for the great presents we all received. We are very grateful. We had a Christmas Eve service like no other and Cole did amazingly well. He danced to the music and even started a new thing...swaying. Who knows were it came from but he would sway back and forth. Now he continues to do it when he hears music. We left after dinner at Granny's and headed home. Took time for one quick family photo on our first Christmas Eve together and then put Coleman to bed.

Christmas morning...Cole slept later than he has ever slept, 7:30. I got the video camera out and Dax brought him in to the living room where he saw his stack of goodies that Santa had brought. He got some movies, push cars, building blocks, outfits, a bath toy, socks, a new toothbrush and a big boy carseat. You can see how tiny he looks sitting in it. We then got dressed and went to Honey and Mont's house where his Uncle Tyson gave him a riding zebra. Honey and Mont gave him a v-tech smart wheel (he loves it), a big ball (still getting used to it), a swing, and a barnyard friends. He played for a while and then we went next door to Nana and Pops'. They gave him a wagon. He loves for us to leave the door open so he can climb in and out. We waited for our cousins to come and once they did there were people everywhere. It definitely has been an exciting Christmas for The Pugh family. The best part of all was that everyone was together. What a glorious time of year, when we celebrate the birth of our Saviour. Thank you Father for giving us your Son.