Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Disney World 2012

Pretty cold the first morning but it didn't take long to warm up after arriving at the Magic Kingdom to see the park opening.

Chef Mickey's the first night. Autograph books out and pen in hand ready to meet Mickey and the gang.
Even Daddy got in on the action. Goofy must be his favorite because he was in the picture with Goofy at the Tusker House too :)

Buzz Lightyear. First ride. Got us all in the mood.
Bell was Cole's absolute favorite; she is a princess and she wears yellow, who wouldn't love her! He loved meeting the pretty princesses. Our son was completely smitten by them.
Waiting for breakfast outside Hollywood and Vine at Hollywood Studios. We really loved it here. The Lion King and Nemo shows were amazing! Cole and Dax liked Star Wars and we were

We were fortunate to catch Rapunzel the last night we were there. We walked up just at the right time and were able to wait a few minutes to let the boys meet her.

January was a great time to go. We went with a great family and were able to run during the Marathon weekend as well. We did pretty much everything that we wanted to without having to wait in crazy long lines. Cole is a great age to go and managed each day without a nap while Owen, who loves his nap anyway, could have stood to go back to fairly good with a nap each day in my arms (not so great for me) allowing us to take advantage of everything. We loved breakfast at the Tusker House and of course my boys loved all the animals. This, fortunately, was the only place they really asked for anything. They asked each day when we can go back and Daddy responds with, "When Reese is your age!" Hopefully, it won't be that long.

We did celebrate Christmas and enjoyed our time with family! It was nice to remember our Lord's birth, tell and retell the birth story and sing unto Him praises! The kids are blessed, we are blessed and we feel it each and everyday.
Christmas Eve at Granny's. My sisters have photos of Christmas Day since I obviously didn't bring my camera out for photos with all the cousins.I can't wait to print all our Christmas Eve pictures from years past and see what a difference there is. Dax and I swap presents each Christmas Eve with each other and our children now open PJs from us and then we take our annual Christmas Eve self-timer photo.

We were able to enjoy having Honey, Monts, Uncle Nint and Uncle Ty at home Christmas morning with biscuits and bacon to see what Santa brought before we all headed to church.

Reese Turns One

We celebrated with a little party with close family and her friends for her birthday. It was sweet, simple and easy!

I am so far behind on posts but wanted to make sure that I caught the highpoints in our little ones' lives so with plenty of pictures to follow we will begin with Reese turning 1.
She weighed 18 pounds (5th %)

She was in the 25th % for height

She eats everything in sight! At 1 she was off the bottle and was drinking whole milk like a big girl and was eating only table food. She loves food and makes a constant noise the entire time she eats until she is satisfied (slightly annoying)

She began walking around 11 1/2 months and is basically running in circles now. She loves to be chased and will squint her nose up and close her eyes when she is being chased.

She still adores Owen and often grabs his hand when riding in the car. He is such a great big brother; constantly taking care of her and sharing his food with her. He loves her just as much as she loves him. Cole is always protective and doesn't want anyone to bother his sister I can only imagine what this means for Reese's future.

She loves for me to sing "Good Morning to You" and "This is the Day" when I wake her up in the mornings.

She loves to "Patty Cake" and sing "Wheels on the Bus". She does the round and round and swish swish swish motions.

She has gotten to be a "Mommy's Girl" and loves to give love and love on me when someone else (her Daddy) wants her :)

She brings so much joy to our lives and it is impossible to remember what it was like without our little girl. We thank you Father for blessing us and keeping us and pray that you will work wonders in little Reese's life and all that she does will bring honor and glory to You.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Seacrest Beach 2011

We enjoyed another great year with some great friends at Seacrest Beach 2011. Lots of pictures from the beach, pool, eating out and having fun at Pier Park. We love going every year and can't wait to do it again. 30A is our favorite from the lack of people, riding bikes, eating Charlie's Donuts, Running through Alys Beach...we love it!

Owen celebrates being 3

Owen celebrated with friends the weekend after he turned 3 with a Pirate Party. He and Tucker had a great time swimming and eating with great friends. Just a few photos below to recap our fun party.

Owen is such a big boy! He lights up my face constantly with his witty humor and contagious smile. He loves his brother and sister and will play for hours by himself. He is so good entertaining himself in his room with the horses, cows and fences and loves to color. He is now coloring in the lines and takes it very serious :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not a Baby for Long

She is growing and moving and eating and growing...

We are not surprised that one of ours found their thumb since Dax and I both sucked our thumbs. I hate for her to do it because I know how difficult the habit will be to break but the fact that she soothes herself when still sleepy or a little cranky is really nice and let's admit it...she is really CUTE :)

First Day of School

The boys started school on August 4th last week and were so excited to be back with their friends and meet new ones. We decided this year for Cole to attend K4 5 half days a week and Owen to attend 3 half days a week. They already love it and are learning learning learning. Owen is so hot and cold sometimes...He did NOT want me taking his picture at this moment...Big height difference but no weight difference between these two!