Monday, November 24, 2008

Say Cheese!

The boys are growing so fast! Cole is talking more and more every day and now saying some sentences. His current favorite is, "I didn't mean to!" He is loving bubble baths (thanks Nana) and no longer cries when dropped off at school. He is full fledged boy!!! Loves tackling, throwing everything (we are working on him understanding that we only throw balls) and of course is still obsessed with his daddy's cows. We have to see them regularly and he has now moved up to riding the tractor to feed the cows hay. He tells me all about it when he gets back in the truck. Owen will soon be four months and talks all the time. He has rolled over from his stomach to his back, began sitting in the bumbo seat, enjoys watching baby einstein and of course loves his brother; although he looks at him funny because he is so LOUD. We will begin feeding him cereal soon. He is better about sleeping. He normally wakes up once around 2:30 or 3:00 for a feeding and then I nurse around 7:00. We are having his dedication service at church this coming up Sunday so I will post next week.

house update

Well, we have least some brick. I went by this past Saturday to check on things. The bricker started Friday while the sheetrockers finished Friday. We have picked out paint colors and are going to begin as soon as we can. Dax has decided that he is going to paint to save a little money. The house should be bricked completely in 2 weeks!!! We probably won't be in by Christmas but we are hopeful???
Garage side

standing in the living room, looking at the front door that needs to be stained and the dining room

standing in the breakfast room, looking at the living room and kitchen

back of the house, master bedroom window and breakfast room window

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Alabama's Homecoming

We went to Tuscaloosa this past weekend for Homecoming. We had a great time at the parade. We then headed over to the Quad for some bouncing time. Aliee was a pro with Cole. I didn't think he would jump at all but Dax said she pushed him right on up into one and then he wouldn't come out. Photos are from the parade and then lunch at the AGD house (shout out to Alpha Gam...their lawn decoration looked the best I have ever seen), and then the game. Cole and Owen did great despite it being Cole's nap time and us fearful that they both would burn in the blistering sun. Cole enjoyed the dipping dots (so did Dax) but didn't enjoy Big Al. Dax was a trooper. He can't stand Alabama but didn't oppose of me taking the boys. He does like to tell everyone (especially Aliee) that I am the only Alabama fan because he and Cole and Owen go for Auburn :)