Friday, February 27, 2009

Where do we go?

As of 4:00 today our quaint home, that Dax purchased in May of 2005 before we married, will no longer belong to us. Our 850 sq ft. home with two bedrooms/ 1 bath will not be the home of my family of 4. How did we survive you might ask? When Dax first purchased the home on Botts Ave it had been updated so he updated some more with fresh paint. I slowly moved things in so I wouldn't have tons to do after we wed. He had his bedroom suit that belonged to his dad growing up that he put in the master bedroom until we bought one for us. He didn't have much furniture or this or that kind of stuff. We married in June and returned to this home from our fabulous honeymoon in Jamaica. The next day we drove to Birmingham to pick up our bedroom furniture (the only furniture we bought for this house). We moved it into the master bedroom and moved his bedroom suit into the guest bedroom. We lived like this for a few months and then started cleaning out the guest bedroom to prepare the nursery for Cole. He was born January 2007 and the stuff started collecting. Baby stuff was every where! Every corner was packed, every closet was full, belongings that could fit were up under beds. I didn't think our house could get more cluttered until we found out we were having Owen. We moved Cole in to a twin bed in May 2008 and moved the crib in to our room for Owen hoping that we would only live like this for a few months. He blessed us in August and the new house was started. More baby stuff came out of the attic and we now have more stuff than ever. We hope to be in the new house in 2 weeks. I know I have posted Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then Cole's birthday and then I just quit asking. But this time it is the truth! Mainly, because we don't have a choice. Our buyer is allowing us a little bit of time to move but the papers will be signed today and the house will officially not belong to us, well, Dax. It is kind of bitter sweet. Our first home, the home we started our life together in, brought our 2 boys home to, the home we really to love but is frankly just too small for us now is no longer our home. We look forward to the "new house" as Cole refers to it and the life we will have there. I know we are going to love it!