Tuesday, May 26, 2009


These pictures were too funny not to post. Cole loves when I give him a mohawk in the bath tub. We have to do his for Owen to see and then we have to do Owen's for Cole to see. They both get so cracked up over it. Life with my boys is good. We love it!

Owen's first trip to the Beach

We returned yesterday from a wonderful trip to the beach. When we left Friday around 5:15 driving through the rain with tired boys, I thought..."Great, this is going to be a great trip." Saturday we woke to cloudy weather but I went ahead and took Cole down to the pool since there was an indoor part. He loved it. He wanted to jump off the side, play motor boat (something we have always done since we were children), and swim by himself. We headed back up to the condo to get Daddy, Owen, Mr. John and Will and to get some lunch. After lunch we all went to the beach only to stay 15 minutes or so before trying to dodge a huge rain cloud. We all laughed because as soon as we got back up to the room the sun came out. But the boys napped so they would be in a good mood for dinner. We went to the Crab Trap - an all time favorite. Cole loved it because he got to play outside while we waited for our table. Sunday was pretty too so we all went down to the beach and pool. Since this was Owen's first trip to the beach I guess I should blog about him. Poor guy; he is at an awkward stage for the sand. He wanted to get down and crawl around all in it, as well at it. He loved it but his mommy and daddy didn't love having to keep sand out of his mouth. He enjoyed the pool also. Daddy held him and he just splashed and splashed. All and all the boys were good and we had a great trip with the Vakakes'. Thanks for letting us go with you guys. We will have to do it again.

This little man loves his Daddy...I can't blame him...I do too!

Dax buried Cole and he was okay with it for about 2 seconds. Dax then buried Owen and he thought it was funny! It was hysterical.

Cole building sand castles with Daddy

Owen enjoying the sand in his mouth

My three boys whom I love!

Family Shot - impossible to get everyone looking

Cole playing before dinner. Hand the boy a bucket and shovel and he is content for hours.

Cole riding the alligator at The Original Oyster House

Owen (9 months), Will (4 months), and Cole (2)

These two were so sweet. I love that they will be in the same grade. They may be roommates one day :)

Owen loves his pacifier

Owen playing with Daddy on the bed.

Cole enjoying being thrown in the pool

Cole is at such a fun age. He really loved the beach and did great!

Cole didn't really want to smile for me. You can see his eyes are closed.

Brooke and I were roommates in college and best friends. I am so glad that we are close enough to still be able to see each other. We had a great time with our boys. Here they are in their matching crab outfits. They are adorable.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here are a few recent photos of the boys. They are both growing so fast and changing so much. Owen is now 9 months old. We just had his check-up because we had a sick visit the day before his check-up was scheduled. He has been a sick little guy. He had the Roto virus along with double ear infections. This was all 2 weeks ago. He lost over a pound and wouldn't eat a thing. He has now gained a pound back and is back eating like he use to. He weighed 19 lbs 6 oz and measured 29" in length. He can crawl anywhere, pull up on anything and is now walking holding on to the couch. He loves

1. Cole
2. His Daddy
3. Angela (the lady that keeps him)
4. Georgia (our PREGNANT yellow lab)
5. balls
6. his baths
7. ritz crackers
8. his sippee cup

We are trying to tast new table foods often. So far he has had
1. mashed potatoes
2. butterbeans
3. field peas
4. biscuits (small amount)

He is sleeping better through the night and as my doctor told me...he will stop waking up when I(Dax) stops getting up with him. We know this but it is super easy to put the papi in his mouth or give him 4 ounces of formula when we need sleep.

Isn't it crazy how different they look???

Cole is a full fledge 2 year old boy. We are working on the potty training thing but it seems that it is going to take a while if I am not home with him to consistently work on it. We are in search for big boy underwear small enough for him. The smallest size 2t-3t falls right down even when rolled a few times. It is pretty pitiful. He can be soooo sweet sometimes. He tells me often that he loves me or that I look pretty. I love hearing sweet things from him. Then he turns and deliberately rebels looking us dead in the eye. Boys right? Two year olds right? He loves

1. tractors
2. hay
3. lawn mowers (we have to sit on almost all of them when we are at Lowes)
4. Nixon (his friend)
5. outside
6. dirt
7. moo cows
8. saying, "Oh my goodness!" (one of the most precious things to hear)

Dax and I are so blessed with these two. We love them both so much even though they can be aggrevating at times. We can't remember life without them and are thankful the Lord chose us to be their parents.