Monday, April 26, 2010

One more AGD

After having 4 daughters pledge Alpha Gam and one that hopefully will in the fall it is only right to be one yourself. My mom has assisted with whatever we needed her to do with Alpha Gam. When I was at Alabama and Rush Chair she came to my rescue, when I was President and needed her again she came through. Not that I expect anything different, because she always comes through. I have gotten involved with the Troy Chapter and an alumnae initiation was mentioned for 3 women. Susan Peirce did a wonderful job getting it all together and a special thanks to the chapter for taking part in initiation. We were honored to initiate mom into Alpha Gam this past Sunday at Troy which is where she graduate from. All four of us were able to be there and it was a special time for mom.

Meggan (Psi '06), Me (Psi '01), Mom (Gamma Sigma '10), Hope (Psi '95), Joy (Gamma Sigma ' 99)

Candace Nelson and Mindy Carter's mom, Deborah Carter was initiated and Jessica Rowell was initiated. Each initiate had a tie to Alpha Gam in some way.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Day

The Easter Bunny was good to the boys. Cole received a couple of Veggie Tale movies, some books; Jonah and Joseph 's Coat of Many Colors, a hoe, a rake and work gloves. Owen got crayons, a floor coloring mat, Flinstone vitamins and a Wheels on the Bus book. Dax and I had signed up for breakfast for Sunday School this past Sunday so I was in the kitchen trying to prepare when Cole walked around the corner carrying his work gloves. He was so proud of them! I asked him what he had and he said Diego Work Gloves! The bunny brought them but I didn't see him. For those that don't know; Cole cares nothing for Santa, The Easter Bunny and I am sure will cry at the thought of the Tooth Fairy.
Owen was saying CHEEEEEESE
He looks so grown with his hair cut.
Cole practicing for Mama

We have to hold Owen back to snap any picture these days. They are good only when he is in the mood.

Two of my sisters; Alex the baby and Meggan

Cole, Addison, Graham, Aliee and Owen

A Fishing We Will Go

Fishing photos below from this past Saturday. Both the boys had a great time watching everyone else fish. I know soon they will want to do it themselves. We enjoyed having our cousins in town to spend this time with us. We love some Chance. This is my baby sister's boyfriend who we adore...every single one of us.
Aliee is so good with Owen. She watches over him constantly! She reminds me of her Mama :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

The most important statement you will ever here...


We had a great Easter Weekend spent hunting eggs, fishing with cousins, seeing what the bunny brought and reflecting why we celebrate Easter. We have been able to talk with Cole about the true reason for celebration and the greatest sacrifice that was ever made. We enjoyed a wonderful church service yesterday; from the incredible music we sang to the sermon that was preached. Brother Luke emphasized that in our world today there are 2 billion people who have never heard the good news. That is alarming and such a reality check. It is evident that I need to focus on the greatest commission ever given to me and strive daily to share the word with those I come in contact with. It is heartbreaking to think that 2 billion people on this earth could die today not knowing what the Lord did for them. I pray that we all reflect on this statement and think about what we will do to change this. Below are pictures from our weekend.

This is how we started our Saturday. Fighting Mama because they didn't want a picture taken. It is almost impossible to take a picture with both of them cooperating.

Owen eventually got out of Honey's arms to try his hand in picking up eggs.

My next task is to get this pappy taken away from him. I know that is has everything to do with me and that it really isn't as hard as I think but at the moment it keeps him quite. So selfish I know.

Addison helped Owen put eggs in his basket.
They are such a mess together and I can't figure out which one talks the most!

Cole got excited to find the eggs after we hid them for the third time. You see, neither one of the boys wanted to pick them up so we picked up a few and put in their baskets and after all the other children cleared out they decided they wanted to hunt the eggs. So, we took the few that we had, hid them and they found them. This sums it up! The boys don't ever want to take a picture and smile like Mommy would like. Caroline was so good! She didn't start crying until she looked at my two screaming. Caroline is our new neighbor and we adore her. The boys love having her around.

Enjoying Cheetos while we watched the puppets.

This little monkey had to have his Cheetos too! Rotten, I tell you!

Cole, Graham, Addison, Aliee and Owen enjoying the puppets. Mom had Hope's kids over the weekend while she and David were on their trip.Cousin Shep even came to the egg hunt and puppet show. This is the best we could do!