Friday, July 16, 2010

We returned from the beach again

We returned Monday afternoon from another great beach trip; this time with our good friends', the Vakakes. Brooke and I met my freshman year in college when I roomed with one of her friends from high school. She came down to check on her after moving in and we have been great friends ever since. Even though we haven't lived in the same town since college graduation we talk all the time and make it a point to see each other often. We were invited to tag along on their family beach trip last year and again this year. We enjoyed it and enjoyed spending time with them. We headed out Friday after work and after what seemed like a long drive we pulled up to The Caribe, our condo where Brooke's room mom offered her condo for us to stay. It was great; plenty of space and kid friendly.We did a lot of this since the pool was a zero entrance edge pool. It was great for the boys to play and come in and out without us worrying about them falling on steps or having to be right beside them. I love this curly red head. His hair is unruly at times; as you will see below, but so sweet when the humidity kinks his curls :)
Daddy had as much fun as the boys. Dax is an active person so sitting still...laying out...doesn't quite cut it for this crowd. Cole enjoyed going down with Dax!
I think this is the only family photo we have.
Despite his red cheeks he didn't get burned. They are from being in the sand at LuLu's for 2 hours while we waited to eat dinner Saturday night. I will say that the boys were great! I didn't think we would ever make it that long; however, we didn't even stay to eat. After they told us it would be an hour and 45 minute wait and we waited 2 hours we called it a night and headed through McDonald's drive thru for the boys, Shrimp Basket for Dax and to the condo for this tired mommy. I had half a banana sandwich :)
This is what I am talking about! The wind had blown Owen's hair everywhere and I obviously was no where in site to straighten it.
Last year I ordered the boys matching Crab shirts for our trip so this year Brooke ordered from Smitten&Co. these adorable submarine shirts. I thought they looked so cute but getting a cute picture is a little harder to do.

I can't believe this sweet little one will be 2 in a few short weeks and will be the "middle" child before we know it.
He amazes me everyday with his knowledge, vocabulary and his genuine sweetness. He is my love! He tells me often that he loves me, thanks me for dinner (the few times I cook these days), and tells me he likes what I am wearing. I love that he is aware of things around him and feels free to comment on them. I think I was worried having boys would mean they acted tough all the time, didn't show their Mama any love - complete opposite from my world with girls, but they prove me wrong on a daily basis. I love my boys so much and thank God for giving us boys to raise to be Godly men. Owen (2 in August), Cole (3.5), and Will (18 months)