Friday, June 3, 2011

The Month of May for Us

The month of May has come and gone so quickly! We can't believe it is June and we know it will fly by probably without us realizing it as well. The little girl is growing so fast. She will soon be 6 months old which is so hard to believe. She has 2 bottom teeth ( just like her brothers at this age), she rolls over and gets up on her knees to attempt to scoot. It will be interesting to see when she actually accomplishes crawling. May was spent enjoying family, being outside and a quick trip to the beach. My two red heads

Reese adores her brothers and has a hard time focusing on anything but them.
Her brothers share that same love for her.
The boys practicing their hand stands. I told Dax Owen is so strong that he can hold himself up.
Cole made this t-shirt for the end of school and it has all his classmates hand prints and names on it. He thoroughly enjoyed school this past year with Mrs. Jo and Miss Nikita. He learned lots and we look forward to preK next year.

The boys love the beach and would stay out there all day. They are at such a great age for us to be able to take them and not constantly have to see about them. This is Kady, Uncle Tyson's girlfriend, and one of the loves of Owen's life. We adore her so much that we had her tag along to the beach with us for a little reinforcement :)

This is the baby girl sunbathing in the shade!

The boys are together all the time and what one does the other does also.

When we aren't outside, we can be found inside farming. We travel to Spring Hill to cut hay and across the highway to pick peanuts. We can also be found driving to the pasture to check on cows. The boys love to farm in real life as well as pretend :)