Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not a Baby for Long

She is growing and moving and eating and growing...

We are not surprised that one of ours found their thumb since Dax and I both sucked our thumbs. I hate for her to do it because I know how difficult the habit will be to break but the fact that she soothes herself when still sleepy or a little cranky is really nice and let's admit it...she is really CUTE :)

First Day of School

The boys started school on August 4th last week and were so excited to be back with their friends and meet new ones. We decided this year for Cole to attend K4 5 half days a week and Owen to attend 3 half days a week. They already love it and are learning learning learning. Owen is so hot and cold sometimes...He did NOT want me taking his picture at this moment...Big height difference but no weight difference between these two!

Owen turns 3

Our middle child turned 3 on Sunday and what better way to celebrate your actual birthday with a "Rodeo" party. Owen loves everything rodeo right now and "rides" bucking bulls on a daily basis. We had Nana, Pops, Honey, Monts and Nint and Ty over for dinner and cupcakes. To say that Owen was ecstatic is an understatement. He loved every minute of it.

I can't believe that he is 3! It seems like yesterday I was traveling to Dothan for my 37 week check-up only to find out that I was in labor and had to head to the hospital. I remember settling for the night and waking early the next morning to prepare for his birth. He didn't wait around; the doctor broke my water around 8:30 and he was here by 11:20. He has been a constant joy to our family since that day. He and Cole are the best of friends and it melts my heart to see how they interact with each other. He is Reese's number one fan and constantly has to be next to her, touching her, kissing her. He loves her!