Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Fun in My Birthday Suit

Cole loves being outside; no matter the circumstances. The day starts off wanting outside and ends with him pitching a fit because we have made him come in to take a bath and eat dinner. Usually he wakes up in the morning and heads straight to the door to see if he can he the dogs. And then again after work... he and his dad stay outside so I can prepare dinner. When I say he loves it I mean loves and can't live with out it. Needless to say, we were doing some yard work Wednesday and he proceeded to get in his pool that we didn't know had water in it. Dax brought him around the house to show me what he had done, took off his shorts and put him down. So where did he go??? Back to the pool. I just took his clothes off and let me go at it. He literally played for 45 minutes naked in our back yard. I guess it doesn't matter when your a baby? Anyway, I took a few minutes to snap some photos of him playing. I couldn't resist his tiny little hiney.(sp?)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ready or Not

Well, as you can see from the baby widget on the blog we only have 68 days left until baby Owen is expected. What? 68 days, 9 weeks, or just over 2 months; however you want to look at it. Ask me have I done one thing. NO! I feel horrible because most of the time I can't remember how far a long I am or what he should be doing now or how big he is in my tummy. It is so strange to think not long ago I was pregnant with Cole and knew exactly what was going on with him and me. Don't get me wrong; we were a little slow at getting things situated for his arrival as well, but by now I at least had some things done. It is great that Owen is a boy and that we already have most things we need thanks to my sister Hope and a few purchases I made for Cole but those things were used a long time ago with Cole and it is time to pull them back out and start the sterilization and cleaning process that everyone goes through. We plan to get the twin bed out for Cole and move the baby bed for Owen into our room for now. So that is one more thing on my "to do" list. It just keeps getting longer and longer.
We are still in our "quaint" house. I have excepted the fact that we will be when Owen comes. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel...We have started the building process so I at least have hope that we will be moving into a somewhat larger home some day. My hope is that we will be moving sometime in November and my prayer is that it will be before Christmas. This process will be exciting and challenging. I will have to remember that this is a transition home and that I won't be getting all the things that I want. It shall be asking and Dax denying.