Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our first "big boy" bed mishap

Around 5:00 this morning I wake Dax up with..."Dax, Cole just fell out of bed!" Dax is on the side closest to the door and not to mention I have a hard time rolling out of bed (literally) and then squeezing between the crib and our bed as it is to have to do it quickly. Cole cried and cried and then wouldn't let go of Dax. He had to shower with him this morning, fix his coffee for him, etc. Dax said he had already moved him from the foot of the bed one time during the night. We all feel terrible. Cole is winy and snotty nosed. My throat has been hurting, I think I broke my pinkie toe yesterday morning and we want mention the fact that I am having excruciating pains with my sciatic nerve. Now Dax is stopped up and not feeling well. All I could say to Cole this morning was..."Cole, your daddy and I really need it to be Friday." Hopefully, we will have a better night and relaxing weekend starting tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Pops!

Today Dad is 59. We don't ever really get to surprise him too often but today we had people come by the office to celebrate his birthday. We had a butternut cake (his favorite). It probably wasn't much of a surprise since he seems to always find out what is going on but I think maybe he was pleased. Here is a picture with Cole making Pops lick the icing off his finger.

Monday, July 7, 2008

One Little Monkey

This picture was taken while we were getting ready for church Sunday. You can see his monkeys on his outfit that Honey purchased. He loves monkeys and making the monkey sound. It is hard to believe he is 18 months old already. He is growing so fast!

Cole is a "Big Boy"

We officially moved Cole from the crib to his twin bed Saturday night. I have been anxious about how he would handle it since he loves his crib and has never had a problem sleeping in it but for the most part he has done great. I laid down with him and read a couple of books, told him night night and turned the lights off. He was fine for about 5 minutes and then he lost it. Dax got him up to console him just so he would quit the sobbing. He then brought Dax a book to read. We learned that he knew what stalling was...He proceeded to read louder and louder when Dax asked if he wanted his "Bs" (what he calls his blankets). Dax put him back in the bed and shut the door. He cried a few seconds and then there was silence. He went to sleep and slept until 7:30 Sunday morning. I got up around 7:00 and snapped a photo of him sleeping. He has now lasted 2 nights and one nap in his "big boy" bed. And yes, that means the crib has moved to our room and I have to literally lift my belly to get to my side of the bed if I go that way. Alex has told Dax that they wouldn't be living there if she was married to him. She is way OCD and can't handle the closeness. My friend, Laura, calls it character building. Whatever it is...we are doing it and will continue doing it until the house is ready. Goal of the week...wash newborn clothes for Owen and get them put away and him a bag packed.

Dax would die if he knew I posted this photo. There was no way of taking it without him in it and I couldn't resist Cole getting out of bed with Mr. Bear in arm.