Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas has come and gone

Christmas this year was great! We had a wonderful time with family as well as each other. Pictures are in descending order of how they happened but I would rather tell you that than try to rearrange them. Everyone was home for Christmas which is something to be thankful for. We enjoy getting to see them every time we get a chance. Being at home has its advantages since we don't have to travel far distances but I am telling get worn out trying to go and do as much as possible. We celebrate with The Pollards Christmas Eve lunch, then to Granny's for presents, church and supper, then home to get in bed for Santa Claus. We wake up early Christmas morning to see what Santa left, then to the Pugh's to celebrate with them and enjoy breakfast, then to my parent's to enjoy a second breakfast. We were home by 1:00 for some much needed naps due to Cole's throwing up Christmas Eve night while Santa was visiting I might add. We stripped the sheets, tried our best to keep him in his room and finally got him back asleep around 11:00. Christmas night we headed back to the Pugh's for dinner and then home. Joy, Trey and Ella Joy couldn't make it until Friday afternoon so we went back Friday for Christmas with my family. 6 grandchildren 6 and under makes for complete chaos but so much fun!

Nana and Pops with the 6 grandchildren all in their matching PJs.

All 6 lined up...from L to R...Ella Joy (22 months), Addison (22 months), Graham (4), Cole (23 months), Aliee (6), and Owen (4 1/2 months)

Sisters with children minus Owen (he was sleeping)

Dax trying to get Cole to agree to put this shirt on. Cole quickly told him NO!
Roll Tide Dax...Roll Tide!

Cole trying to get inside his barn. It is big but not quite that big!

Owen posing for mom. He had a great Christmas! Of course, he didn't know a thing and I probably could have told Santa not to worry about him this year but I just couldn't do it!

Cole's Christmas from Santa. He got a basketball goal, tool bench, a book, a Bible, some movies, doodle pad, a barn and a tractor just like his daddy use to play with.

Owen's gifts from Santa...a high chair since we never had one with Cole, an ocean wonder for the crib which he already loves, some bath toys, a teether, a new lovey and blanket and a couple of movies.

The Pughs' annual picture at Pop and Grandmama's . We added Brittany and Owen this year! Pretty soon the couch won't fit us.
As you can see we had a great Christmas and are extremely blessed. I was making a list of what all the boys received this year for their baby books and it was ridiculous. We are so grateful for those that we got to see and enjoyed our time with each of you. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness. We couldn't ask for more. The Lord blesses us when we are so undeserving! May the Lord our God be with each of you throughout this new year.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cole will soon be 2 and he is acting just as a 2 year old does; whiny and intolerable one minute and then sweet as can be the next. Dax and I are definitely learning as parents and don't have it down pat and frankly I don't know that we ever will. All I know is that we try our best to raise our boys right according to God's word. These were taken this morning before I left for work. Honey and Monts picked up Angela since it was 25 degrees outside and Cole went with them to play with his cousin Carson. You can see in the picture below that he can really cheese it up. I love him so much and love his sweet personality...ALL BOY!

Family Photo...One of the only ones we have

A little photo time after church yesterday. My boys are so cute! I know I am bias but aren't they??? Thanks Aunt Hope for picking up the boys outfits. Of course, Cole's is a little big and Owen's is just right (6 month for a 4 month old). Cole and Owen are so different; their appearance, their size, they personality. It is crazy!
Owen had is 4 month check-up last week weighing in at a whopping 15 pounds and 5 oz. He measured 25 1/2 inches. Can we say much bigger than Cole. He has started cereal and we had peas last night. He loved them! Big News in our house...HE SLEPT UNTIL 6:30. Owen has yet to sleep through the night until last night. I know, I has nothing to do with getting cereal and peas. I don't really care what it has to do with, I am just thankful that Dax and I received a full night of sleep for the first time in 4 and a half months. Well, longer than that for me if you count the sleepless nights at the end of the pregnancy.
We are looking forward to spending Christmas together as a family and sharing it with others. Mrs. Eloise Kirk, a sweet lady at church, gave Cole a book about the birth of Jesus. He loves it. We read it multiple times a day and he constantly is saying Where's Baby Jesus? Dax and I look forward to Cole and Owen knowing the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate our Savior's birth, life, death and resurrection. It is my heart's desire that my children will know our Lord Jesus and live their lives accordingly. We hope all of you have a Merry Christmas filled with Joy and Hope knowing that one day we will see our Father.

We have cabinets!

Our cabinets were put in Friday and I was able to see them Saturday morning. We love them! This first picture is the sink...the dishwasher will be the the left of it. The second picture is the oven and stove side. The other side of the kitchen is the refrigerator and pantry. All the cabinets are missing is the hardware but that is ordered. We are so excited and can't wait for it to be finished. When your husband is trying to trim it out himself it takes a little longer but I am thankful and blessed that I have a husband that knows how to do it. We will really appreciate it when we actually move in. Cole is so funny. He knows which one is his room now. I can say,
"Cole let's go see your room and he will walk
straight to it. Saturday he asked where his bed
was? Cabinets were also put in the laundry room and both bathrooms but I didn't take pictures of those. They look almost identical to these. We will get the counter tops and tile in next.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

Everyone was home for Thanksgiving this year and it was great. I was off Thursday and Friday so I got to enjoy some time with my family. Other than Dax having the stomach virus (yuck!!!) we had a great Thanksgiving. It is a special time of year that helps remind us of our many blessings. We have so much to be thankful for. The Lord is so gracious and showers us daily with blessings that we don't deserve. In Mission Friends last Wednesday I had the children (4 year olds) go around and tell me something they were thankful for. It is so sweet to hear their heartfelt comments. You would expect the "Sunday school" answer that I get for every question I ask but this time they were honest. I try hard to instill the Word in to them every Wednesday and I pray that if they happen not to hear it at home that they will hear it at Church. We began Thanksgiving at the Pugh's (minus Dax) on Wednesday night for a delicious meal. The dressing was amazing (I will only eat Mrs. Kathy's - I should probably get her to teach me how to make it!) We then went to Granny's for lunch on Thursday (minus Dax). It was a great lunch and great fellowship. We missed Granddaddy but all agreed that he was sitting in the best place (looking down on us and thanking God that he didn't have to help get ALL of Granny's Christmas decorations out) For those that have seen Granny's at Christmas you know it is beautiful but excessive! There is a whole little storage shed in her backyard strictly for Christmas! Granny is great at decorating. Dax managed to make it to his parent's Thursday night to see Mrs. Kathy's brother, Larry. Friday, Dax spent the afternoon painting the house while I was at Mom and Dad's with the boys. Saturday, Dax painted all day...while we watched Bama beat down the Tigers! ROLL TIDE ROLL! Funny story...Dax wanted Cole to say War Eagle that morning and Cole said no...I responded with Roll Tide and Cole repeated. My family has already gotten to him. :) Sunday was Owen's baby dedication at Church. It was so special to have everyone there (minus Pop, he was a little under the weather too). I managed to take some photos for Christmas cards...a little hard to get a four month old and a 2 year old to cooperate at the same time but we got some good ones. These are three little monkeys in the bath one night. With 6 grandchildren we tried to double up on bath time. Graham and Addison belong to Hope and Cole is mine in the back.

Cole smiling big for Aunt Joy and Owen wondering what in the world is going on!

Owen is such a good baby. At four months he is laughing and talking all the time. He has rolled over, although I haven't seen it and has found his thumb! Dax and I were both thumb suckers so we were extremely surprised when Cole didn't suck his. I don't know if Owen will be a consistent thumb sucker or not because he still loves his "pappy."

This is so cheesy of Cole because it looks like he was posing but really he just wasn't paying me any attention...which is what he does most of the time.