Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Boys are growing

Cole is so silly. Dax tells me that this is what boys do. They act goofy until the hit their teens. He put on Mr. Potato
Head's glasses and thought it was hysterical.
Owen is getting so big. He crawled up the steps going into my parents' kitchen the first day we were there. He is constantly trying to pull up on everything.

Cole and Owen are growing so fast. We have been at mom and dad's for a week now and the boys love it. Of course, Cole always wants Nana. The other night I was putting him to bed; we always read our Bible story, a book (usually, "The Cow Who Clucked") and then we say our prayers. Just before we said our prayers Cole asked me where his bed was. I told him it was at the new house. He continued to say, "Mommy, I want go new house; I want get in my bed."
There isn't much more left to do so my hope is that we will be completely settled in 2 weeks. We shall see though. Last week was a week to be forgotten. The people installing the counter tops broke them, measured them wrong and busted 2 places on my cabinet doors. The closet people didn't show up - the story of hiring someone to do something as Dax would say.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Shower is complete and hardwood is in

I give little credit to my amazing husband for the job he has done on our house. He is such a hard worker and we wouldn't have the things we have if it wasn't for him. He works all day surveying (which isn't the easiest job) comes home to help with the boys and leaves when we get them in the bed for a long night of work. Lately, he has been coming in around midnight or later knowing that Owen will wake up soon and then his day will start over in just a few short hours. He really is an amazing husband, daddy and friend! He has done the majority of the work on the inside of the house (with some help from his dad and brothers - BIG THANKS!) We are getting down to the wire so he is busy spending any free time over at the house. I stopped by this weekend to take a few photos of our shower and the hardwood floors. Charles Hussey did an amazing job installing all of this. Dax has started finishing the floors so hopefully, in a few days the 3 coats of poly will be done and we will have beautiful brazilian walnut floors. I can't wait to be in our new home!

Owen is 6 months and we are a little behind

It is so hard to believe Owen is 6 months already. It seems like he was just born! His stats at his 6 month check-up were 16 pounds 7 ounces and 27 inches long. He enjoys eating; can you tell? He is such a good baby during the day (as his daddy and I like to say). He still doesn't have the sleeping thing down pat but we are working on it. The nights he seems to do well, Cole wakes up! He has 2 teeth and can sit up for a little bit until he loses his balance :) He is crawling everywhere and getting in to everything. I am now through nursing so we have started buying formula :( I have got to get Cole out of diapers or we will break the bank on diapers, wipes and formula each month! Owen loves loves loves Cole and will do anything to be right up under him. Cole, needless to say, pays him attention only when he wants to. We are loving life with our 2 boys and look forward to many years full of a best friendship.

What will the temp be tomorrow?

Saturday we were in t-shirts and shorts playing our last game of Upward Basketball for the season and fighting through the rainy weather and Sunday we woke up to snow flakes following. Crazy Alabama weather. We listened to the forecasts for snow and thought, yeah right, that is what they say. Well, boy were we wrong! We left for church with a few flakes coming down but not sticking, left church and head to Honey and Monts for lunch and the blizzard(at least it seemed like a blizzard to us) started. We let Cole go outside for a few minutes so that we could snap some photos and say he had seen snow since it is likely to not happen for another 10 years or so. He loved it! Alex and Chance walked over with snowballs and let him throw them at them. They were like two kids themselves. Hope you all enjoyed your snow day.