Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Little Pumpkins

Since I didn't get to take photos at the pumpkin patch of the boys in their pumpkin shirts we decided to take a few at home. One of Hope's friends in Tuscumbia did them for me and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out; so so cute! The boys are super silly and love each other so much. Owen has definitely started following Cole around and copying everything he does.
This makes me smile. They got so tickled at each other.

Family Day at Dream Field Farms

Last Saturday we loaded the boys up and headed to Dream Field Farms for an exciting fall day. Yes, it was freezing but Dax and I both agreed that it was better than it being hot. It actually was warmer at 9 when we got there than it was at 11:30 when we left. We caravaned with the Vaughans and Booths behind us to enjoy a day at the Pumpkin Patch with 6 kids in tow. The night before we told Cole that if he went to sleep when he woke up we would go; that being said, he headed off to bed to awake in the morning all excited and ready to go. We had yet to take Cole to a pumpkin patch in prior years just because - bad parents, I know. He had a great time at this one. They had a bounce house, huge slide and obstacle course, corn maze, hay maze, cow train, pig races, feathered friends, Maybell the milk cow, goats, donkeys, hayrides and pumpkins. Both the boys enjoyed it and all the running around they could do. You can tell from my previous post that Cole loves anything to do with farming so you know that the first thing out of his mouth when he saw the tractors was, "I need to drive that tractor." I told him he couldn't so he said, "I need Daddy to drive it!" He truly believes that all farm equipment belongs to him. Karri made the comment when we were on the hayride that it is funny to think that some of the people there had never been on hay before or weren't accustomed to the "farm life." I told her that it is different to think about people that aren't use to it, especially since it is something that we are so use to. We loved spending the morning as a family and having our friends there as well. We headed home around lunch since Daddy was leaving for the Auburn game that afternoon. Enjoy the photos!Family trying to stay warm. The wind was blowing and the sun wasn't in sight.Owen liked the squealing pigs...He kept calling them pup pup. Nope buddy, definitely not a pup pup.Coleman had to check out the pumpkin patch...I will give it to them; they planted pumpkins and had the vines but Daddy told us that they bought all the pumpkins and put them out. He had wondered what it would be like since he knows from experience that pumpkins are hard to grow in these parts. To the naked eye (mine) you wouldn't know the difference.Jackson and Cole enjoying the huge hay bales.Cole wouldn't go down with out Dax!Daddy joined in on the fun taking the boys down the slide. Owen loved falling down in the bounce house.Cole took a second to give me a smile. It is funny because he is not extremely fond of bounce houses unless he is the only one in them.Jackson Booth (3), Owen (1), Cole (2) and Pruitt Vaughan (2) - Allie was in her stroller all bundled up and Tucker didn't want to pose for us.
I think they are so cute! They had pumpkin shirts on but it was too cold to take their hoodies off :(

Friday, October 16, 2009


It has been a while since I posted any updates on the boys and since I am terrible at doing their baby books I thought I should post on the blog.

Cole is fastly approaching 3 which is so hard to believe. We look back over the past 2 1/2 years and are amazed at how incredibly blessed we are. The Lord is truely amazing. Cole is still attending Mothers Day Out at FBC on Tuesday and Thursday mornings until lunch. Nana graciously picks him up each week for me to take him home to stay with Angela. We still pick Angela up each morning to stay at the house with the boys and then take her home each afternoon. Cole is very knowledgeable as to where Angela lives, when she is coming and when she is going home. Cole loves anything and everything that has to do with farming. He has a tractor, a hay baler, a wagon and has even managed to let Honey allow him to bring home Uncle Tyson's plow. He plays with these toys daily; it is great to see his imagination sore. I love listening to him in his room talk of baling his hay or feeding his cows because it reminds me of how vulnerable he is to learning. He picks up on stuff that I never thought he would. He thoroughly enjoys playing football with his Daddy; while Dax is looking forward to the day when Cole can actually catch. Dax works with him each day on keeping his eye on the ball and catching it. He is getting better. He has learned to "spike" it after scoring and is the cutest thing you have ever seen running the ball and warming up. He has been to "big" church twice this past month on Sunday nights and has done fairly well only getting up once for the potty. Fortunately, Brother Luke has small children so he doesn't hold it against us. The other night in church Cole was coloring when he drew a circle and whispered to me that he made a circle. I was so shocked. I didn't even know he knew how to do that. I was so proud of him! I look forward to him learning lots and remembering things.

Owen is still our little red head. He gets in to anything and everything. He loves his pappy and blankies. When I go in his room to get him up in the mornings he flops around in the bed and then proceeds to pick up all his blankets waiting for me to pick him up. We, Cole and I, love opening his door and singing to him each morning. We always sing "Good Morning to You" and "This is the Day." Owen smiles so big at Cole each morning it melts my heart. He really loves his big brother and misses him each day that he is gone. I love that they will grow closer the older they get and that they will always be best of friends. When Owen turned one we had him down to one bottle a day; at night. He has now been off the bottle and formula for a couple of weeks and seems to be fine; however, this little stinker will not drink milk. It is the craziest thing I have ever seen, especially since Cole loves milk. I still attempt milk every once in awhile but he usually takes one sip and then hands the cup back to me. Last week I purchased chocolate milk thinking he would drink it...nope, notta. Took one sip and handed it back. We give him cheese, yogurt and orange juice with calcium and vitamin d to supplement what he is missing in milk. I know he will be fine I just wish he would drink milk for my sanity. Owen loves, loves loves Angela. She and his Daddy are his two favorite people. He says "hey" immediately after Angela opens the door to her house to leave each morning all the while smiling and talking until she gets in the car. I am so glad that my boys like Angela and that she is good to them. We have really been blessed with her.Owen still loves any kind of ball. He enjoys playing outside with Daddy and Cole trying to act as big as Cole. Both the boys thrive outside! Owen has really started saying more words lately. He loves to say Georgia and will repeat it over and over again if she is sitting at the front door looking in. He wants us to acknowledge that she is there and that he knows it. He can say kitty cat, thank you, amen (he is so cute saying his blessing before eating), dog, ball, juice, cup, and pappy. He has a mouth full of teeth - so many that I told Dax about a month ago that I thought he must be cutting more teeth. I stuck my finger in to feel him gums, when I looked at Dax and said he already has them on both sides. It happened so fast I guess I completely missed them coming in. He is growing so fast.

Dax and I love our boys so deeply. We wonder at times what we did when we didn't have them. We have trying times with both of them; times of frustration because they don't listen and times of anger because they pitch a fit but despite those "hard" times there are so so many great times. They make us laugh and smile each day. I have had a conviction lately that I am not instilling God's word in Cole well. I am failing at living it out day to day and having constant conversation with him about what our Father did for us as well as Jesus's love for him. I have looked at a couple of websites lately that have memory verses coordinating with the alphabet. It is my goal to start it with Cole not for the satisfactory feeling that he will recognize his ABC's or that he can recite a verse but with hope that he will hide these words in his heart and remember them when he is older. We are in church constantly yet I don't want Cole to always have the "sunday school" answer. It is so easy to spit out what you know is right but not the truth. I feel that if Cole learns this at an early age it will only help him when is older. I really want Cole and Owen to grow to be men of God just as their father is with a heart for the Lord.