Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just like most of Alabama we experienced our first snow of the year and the most snow that I can remember in a long time. To say that Cole loved it is and understatement. He woke Friday morning wanting to go outside to play. I had to come in to work since weather conditions such as these aren't great for the insurance business but his Daddy came home around 11 to play. They loaded up and took Angela home and headed to Honey and Monts'. She has all the pictures of the snowman they built as well as pictures of Owen. They played for a little bit and then I got off work because of the roads and headed to Dax's parents'. Owen didn't care too much for the snow pelting him in the face nor the dogs all over him so we headed inside to warm up. We left Honey's to go home for naps but, of course, Cole was not having anything to do with a nap and insisted that he needed to play in "his" snow, so Dax put Owen down and the three of us headed back outside. It was so beautiful but I am glad we don't experience constantly like the people up north.
I had just thrown a snowball and hit Cole in the mouth. Ooops! Mom didn't mean to.
Tess loved the snow and couldn't get enough playtime in with Cole.
I was so impressed that Cole knew how to make a snow angel. That is one of the first things he did when he got outside.

Dad joined in the fun as well.
We measured because we are dorks like that. 4 inches around 2:30 so by that night it was close to 5 inches.
I love this photo! Very few times do I get a "real" smile from this one.
Trompin through the snow!

It just kept coming down!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

FBC Upward Season

Our church's Upward season is in full swing and Dax is coaching kindergarten this year. We are up bright and early every Saturday morning since his games are at 8:30. The boys love it and look forward to it every weekend. We love being a part of this ministry and look forward to serving for many more years.

Cole had a Tonsilectomy and Adenoidectomy

Can you see them? His big ol'tonsils...Well, he had them and his adenoids removed yesterday. He did so well. They gave him some anxiety medicine prior to surgery so he would be more willing to go with the nurse and let me tell you; it worked! He didn't want anyone near him when we first got there and by the time he was headed to surgery he went freely. Dr. McQueen said surgery went great and only lasted about 20 minutes. He said they were huge! After getting him back from recovery we headed home. He slept off and on for most of the day and ate applesauce, cookies and spaghettios. I was amazed at how much he did eat for us. I am hoping that this continues and we don't end up with him dehydrated.

Owen's first "Real" Haircut

I have been trimming Owen's hair myself since September or October but because of his curls just decided to have his first professional cut the other week. Here are some sweet photos of him letting Mrs. Shirley give him a trim.