Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baling Hay

This past weekend I took Cole to see Uncle Ty and Monts baling hay. He loved it! I dropped him off as I turned into the field with Tyson. He was raking the hay infront of Monts. They rode over the hill...once he topped it he saw Monts with the baler. Well, he just couldn't get to him quick enough. He rode up and down the rows baling and then opening the "gate" to release the hay bale. Mr. Monte said that he kept pushing his hand off the wheel because he wanted to drive the tractor by himself. He is a boy after his daddy's own heart. I think there is a picture of Dax sitting on the tire when he was little just like this one of Cole. I will try to find it and post it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Much Needed Update!

I know terrible at keeping this thing up but I don't have a computer at home and I don't have much time at work when I am there. Owen will be 6 weeks tomorrow and I will be back to work full time. Cole is still going to Mother's Day out twice a week. He still cries when I drop him off but is always playing when I pick him up. Angela has started back work and will have both the boys starting next week. Say a prayer for me. I didn't care leaving Cole because he was with my mom but I am anxious about leaving Owen so young with someone who doesn't do everything they way I do. I know it will be fine though. I have added several pictures from the last few weeks including our trip to Muscle Shoals to see Aunt Hope and Uncle D and all the kids.

Cole ready to go to the CHHS game

Big Smile for mom after his bath

A little bit of love for his brother

Enjoying a doughnut at Aunt Hope's

Graham really wanted to hold Owen

Aliee already taken care of Cole. He rode this all afternoon

Addison and Cole playing on the steps

Splash ground at the Marriott in Florence. The kids loved it

Nixon & Cole at Troy's pep-rally.

Nixon came to play. They decided to watch Mickey Mouse in Mom's bed.