Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy 4 Years Honey!

September 27, 1997...Dax and I began our "dating" relationship. We have know each other our whole lives but didn't start dating until I was in high school. We rode to school together since he lived beside me, I cheered for him during football games, watched him play baseball, spent Saturday nights going out to eat and watching a movie. I loved spending time with him. We dated all through high school and college despite me going away to school and him staying in Troy. We both tell everyone that that was the best thing for our relationship because it wasn't until then that we learned a true appreciation for each other. June 25, 2005...we embarked on the covenant of marriage; the most sacred commitment. I knew Dax would be a wonderful husband and he has made me so happy. He is a Godly man leading our family by example. He is a hard worker and a wonderful father. January 10, 2007 Cole blessed our lives and August 7, 2008 we were blessed with Owen. It seems like Dax and I have been together for an eternity. We have seen each other through so much and I can't imagine my life without him. He is my soul mate and a true blessing from the Lord. I love you honey!

Happy Father's Day

If you would have asked me when Dax and I were dating what kind of Daddy he would be I would have told you I couldn't see him with kids. Not that he was bad with them or didn't like them; he was just never around them. The first baby he held was Cole and the first diaper he changed was Cole's. He changed him before I ever did. Parenting has come so naturally to Dax and he is amazing with the boys. They absolutely adore him and meltdown when he isn't around. Cole watches every step he makes and wants to do the same thing while Owen just needs his Daddy to hold him right now. Dax doesn't ever look at this blog but I did want to post for the sake of remembering how great he is...We love you and are so thankful God blessed us with you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Baby

We won't have a baby for too much longer. Owen is getting to be so big and growing so fasting and changing so much. He has transitioned from baby food to table food in less than a week. He has always been a big eater and continues to be so with table food now. Last night for dinner he had grilled chicken, stewed squash, broiled okra and scalloped potatoes. He, of course, ate more than Cole - although Cole did eat. He, in the last few days, has began standing up by himself not using anything. Cole didn't do this until after he started walking, after he turned one. Owen does it all the time and even tried to take a baby step last night. I took Owen to the doctor last Wednesday fearing that he had yet another ear infection. Fortunately, no ear infection but a form of pink eye. Dr. T prescribed some nasal drops to clear up the pouring nose and told me to use the eye drops I already had. It helped but I noticed today Owen felt warm and his eye had started back running. He weighed a whopping 21 pounds 5 ounces. He is closing in on Cole quickly. Below is a photo after his bath last night which he loves. We have to do it quickly, or else, he will splash all the water out of the tub on to me. He is such a fun baby!

Splashing in the Pool

We had Nixon over Saturday for some playtime and boy did they play. After lunch we put their swimsuits on and headed outside. I had purchased this pool a few weeks ago for Cole to have around the house and he loves it. His favorite thing to do (even when he is shaking because he is so cold) is to run to the top of the hill, turn around, count, and run back down. He and Nixon had so much fun doing this. They are so cute together! She is a month older than him and her mommy and I have had them together since day one. Cole talks about her all the time and always wants to know where she is and what she is doing.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A weekend in South Carolina

This is what we were doing this past weekend...Dax's Aunt and Uncle live on the lake in South Carolina and we have made it an annual trip to travel to see them. Tyson wasn't able to make it this year due to work but Clint, Brittany, Dax and I left Friday morning in the rain. It rained off and on while we traveled and then a little when we got there but it didnt' matter because it was relaxation. We enjoyed getting to visit with Uncle Larry and Aunt Cheryl, ride the boat and look at the houses and good food. They are always so welcoming and it is a nice little getaway. Dax and Clint got to ski and improve on their skills :) We want to have a "big shout out" to Cheryl who is 60 today and still can ski. She did so good! It was a great weekend for me and Dax.
Without realizing it; this was the first time I had been apart from Owen for a length of time. We definitely missed the two boys but know they had a blast at Honey and Monts and Nana and Pops'. Thanks for taking such great care of them. They love getting to see you all!

A little Visitor

My oldest niece came to visit Nana and Pops for a few days and Cole wanted to play with her so I picked her up Thursday after work for a few hours. She is always so sweet! She and Cole enjoyed playing for a little while in the pool outside and then enjoyed a movie after their baths. Cole adores her and Owen was completely mesmerized by her. She is so good with both of them. We love getting to see our cousins!