Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Potty Trained!!!!

This little guy has grown up so fast! I picked him up from school the week before we left for the beach and Miss Kelly informed me that he had been in the same pull up all day! We have "worked" on potty training for a few months now but not strenuously. Cole would use the potty when he wanted to and wouldn't when he didn't want to. (He is very stubborn) That week he wore his "big boys" during the day with only 1 accident. I had been saying that if I could spend a few days with him (longer than the weekend) I thought he would get it. Well, he got it! He wore them the whole time at the beach and even became "fully" potty trained while there. I thought it would take for ever for him to poop on the potty but he did it once and we haven't had any trouble since! I am so proud of him. He lights up my life and brings so much joy to me. What a blessing he is from the Lord.

How grown up does he look in the picture above? He was talking to his cousin Ella Joy and I had to beg for him to give me the phone!

The Pugh, Vaughan & Warren Annual Beach Trip

For the fourth year now we have traveled to Florida for family vacation with The Vaughans and Warrens. We started our annual beach trip without children which has now led to a total of 6 boys 2 and under. We normally go in April or May but due to Miles Warren's arrival date we pushes our trip back to September and stayed the whole week. It was beautiful despite the forecast for rain everyday; allowing us to enjoy outside time on the beach, by the pool and at Pier Park. We had a great time with everyone and I think the boys enjoyed it. After returning home Cole said he wanted to go back to the beach house.We made it to church on Sunday to realize that we tripled their normal nursery attendance. Although there was hesitation by the parents on how they would do, they do great! However, the picture before was another story. Apparently Cole didn't want his picture taken but none the less...they are in order by birth. Cole (2), Pruitt Vaughan (2), Clark Warren (2), Tucker Vaughan (1), Owen (1), and Miles Warren (5 months)The boys had a great time together...even if they did fight over toys! Can you see the beautiful water behind them? It was perfect and not too cold. We loved going this time of year.Owen and Daddy ready for the beach. We spent a lot of time lubing up; we didn't want this redhead to burn :)This little stinker wouldn't put a float on to save his life. So what did he do? Played on the steps!A little Mom and Owen time is rare unless Dax isn't around. I am sure he is trying to get out of my arms to get to Dax here.We had dinner at Crab Trap after an afternoon of shopping. The food was delicious and the scenery was spectacular.Obviously, Owen had no problem with the sand. The only problem had was by Dax and me trying to keep it out of his eyes and mouth. We weren't always so successful.Owen did a lot of this...EATING that is. This boy can eat; whether we were at the pool, beach or house he wanted to eat.We did A LOT of this. The house we rented came with four bikes so every day Dax took Cole for multiple bike rides. Owen even tested the waters with a couple. Both the boys absolutely loved it.Can you tell Cole didn't want to get down? He held on to our shirts for dear life. However, he still talks about "those crabs going in the holes."The boys had a blast crab hunting the last night. Owen was so tired he just had to go on to sleep. You should have seen Dax trying to catch crabs with Owen in his arms.

A great time was had by all. Dax and I are quick to tell people that it was no vacation with all the boys. We spent few hours outside since they needed to nap. We know that trips will get easier however, the older they get. Right now mine can't go napless but I know when they are older we will be able to let them play for hours and not worry what time it is. We loved where we stayed (Seacrest Beach) and loved the house we were in (only about 20 feet from the pool).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Recent KimBox Session

I have been an avid user of Kim Box Photography since the birth of Cole. I have purchase the baby collection with both of my boys and couldn't be happier with each session. We recently had Owen's one year session; however, they are so good to allow me to include Cole ,Dax and I in a few. These are just a couple of my purchase but the others are being framed. If you do not currently have a photographer might I suggest Kim Box. They are great to work with and oh so understanding. Believe me, I don't know how these pictures turned out so good because if you had talked with me afterwards you would know that Owen (who never pitches a fit the way he did) cried the entire time. Thank you Candace for being so patient with us and for capturing some great pictures of my boys.

I love this one...and the scan doesn't do it justice. The coloring turned out bad when I scanned it in. Compliments of Kim Box Photography

This is Cole and boy is it him! He has this expression most of the time; his bottom lip drawn in a little. He did amazing oddly enough because he normally despises the camera. Compliments of Kim Box Photography.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Outside Fun

Dax has been working on our deck for a little while. The baby pool ended up out back and caught lots of rain that poured down. We walked out to show Honey and Monts and it didn't take 2 seconds for the boys to end up in the pool.

My Two Cuties

Both my boys love sitting on the couch. Of course, it is a game to Owen...he stands up and I look at him and say sit down. He squats down only to stand up again. They are precious to me!

Oak Park

There is a new subdivision being built in Troy close to our house. The first thing completed was a park area for residents. Others had told me that they took their kids and it was great! I took the boys late one Sunday afternoon for a little playtime. The weather was cool with a little wind. It was perfect. These are few photos of the boys enjoying being outside.