Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our New Baby Calf

Cole is so proud of his Daddy's new calf. It is our first for the season and Dax happened to be present when the mama was having him. He came home and told Cole about it and Cole has told everyone since, "My Daddy has a new baby calf and he is tiiiiiny!" We took the boys over to feed the cows some hay the other night which Cole always loves. Owen didn't care too much for it but enjoyed being warm in the truck!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in Pictures

We had a good Christmas and are blessed that our Father gave us Jesus as baby in the manger to fulfill his plan and take Him to the cross as a man. We spent Christmas with family; leaving our house on Christmas Eve at 7:30 that morning only to return at 7:30 that night. Breakfast was with my dad's mom - Grandma. This use to be a tradition but went away for awhile so we decided to do it again. I have always enjoyed breakfast at her house. It brings back childhood memories of grits and eggs with a baby fork, sitting on pillows at her bar. We then headed to the Pollard's for lunch with Dax's mom's side of the family. Dax's oldest cousin has a son and daughter - we loved the fact that Cole and Owen played so well with them. Our traditional family photo from there house is below. Cole got a John Deere puzzle that he loved and Owen got some great blocks. Both boys received something for savings! We are grateful. We left there and head to my Granny's - mom's mom for presents, church and dinner. Neither of the boys had naps and it began to show. Cole fell asleep in church with some pretty loud snoring while Owen played and laughed. It was nice to be in Church as a family as always. The boys both got an outfit from Granny - pants and cute sweaters. We ate dinner and headed for home so the boys could get to bed but we did open a few presents at our house. Dax and I have always exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve and we opted for no difference this year. The boys opened their gift from Angela - the sitter and husband and I opened ours from each other. Husband did very good getting me a great purse while he received a peacoat. I am sure he was real pleased :) We headed for bed so Santa could visit our sleeping children while Mom and Dad prepared for the next day. We woke our sleeping children with a Merry Christmas followed by Cole's response, "Did Santa come?" They were happy to see their new things, played a bit and called for Honey and Monts to come see. The Pughs came for breakfast and gift exchanging then we headed to Nana and Pops'. Honey and Monts were good to the boys. Cole received new Johnny Poppers (boots), a tractor, a bush hog, a basketball, and a jacket. Owen got his own barn, a jacket, a book, and a basketball. Clint and Brittany gave Cole a Melissa and Doug ice cream set and pizza set and Owen a Megablock dump truck. Ty gave Cole a spreader and Owen some clothes. The boys really racked up. The cousins played while waiting on Aunt Joy and her crowd to arrive and then we all exchanged gifts. Cole received a football uniform with helmet from Nana and Pops and Owen got a Megablock table. Both the boys loved them. After lunch we headed home for much needed naps since we had dinner at the Pughs that night. I had my family over for chili on Saturday and we ended our Christmas celebration with a photo of all the grands - 7 and counting.Uncle D and Graham Cousins minus Ella Joy and Maggie Kate - they were down yet
Owen having a go at the puzzle
Cole loving his John Deere tractor puzzle

Annual Pugh photo LtoR - Tyson, Brittany, Clint, Monts, Honey, Cole, Me, Owen and Dax
Graham checking out what Cole got

Owen taking a peek
My Cuties
Opening gifts from Angela
We always take a photo before bed on Christmas Eve. Self-timer issues made this one not so great.

The boys Santa
Cole - microphone, guitar, duffel bag, football, football gloves, water boots, clothes
Owen - v-tech giraffe, doodle pro, soccer ball, duffel bag, puzzles, clothes, clipo blocks and both boys got the table and chairs
Honey and Monts with their boys
Owen with his Pops - they are so much a like

Cole sporting his gear
Aliee (7), Maggie Kate (2 months), Addison (2), Ella Joy (2), Cole (2), Graham (5), and Owen (1)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Round 2 with Santa

Our local bank in Brundidge where I work offered visits and photos with Santa. (had I known we wouldn't have ventured to Prattville in the pouring rain a few weeks ago) Anyway, Cole was extremely hesitant but after much persuasion with his lovey he gave in. Owen, however, wasn't giving in to anything. He screamed his little head off but I was successful in getting a great picture with Santa - minus me!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another funny Night

We (Dax) has to entertain Owen so that I can clip his fingernails all the time. He hates it so much that Dax tries to distract him while I am doing it. This was the result last night. Daddy's are so funny.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

Well, after all the talk with Cole about visiting Santa and being a "big boy" we ventured out in the torrential down pour to Bass Pro Shops in Prattville. Dax and I have been wanting to take the boys for a while because we knew they would love it so this gave us the opportunity. Cole kept telling us that he wanted to see a big ole' turtle in the fish tank. We told him we didn't know if there would be a turtle but that there would be plenty of fish to see and there were. He loved it! He has talked about the water fall that came down into the tank with fish. He is still so animated and uses his facial expressions to get his point across. Back to Santa, we had talked about it with Cole because he has cried the past 2 years so we wanted him to be prepared this year. He would tell me each week that he wouldn't cry next week so when Saturday came and he found out we were going he said he didn't want to. I guess Dax and I didn't think about Owen pitching a fit. We get there, I beeline for the line to see Santa and allow Dax to walk around with the boys. The wait wasn't terrible (30 minutes) but it was moving quickly because the printer was messed up so you couldn't get your pictures that night but could email the store and they would mail them to you. Cole has a hold on Grits - our family elf and Dax is holding Owen. I place Cole in Santa's lap and to my surprise he did it! He actually sat there without CRYING! This is huge! Well, Dax looked at me and asked what to do with Owen. I said put him on the other knee. Not going to happen. Owen starting wailing and Santa wouldn't hold him so if I wanted a picture with boy boys for us to have for their baby books that meant I was getting in the picture. I haven't gotten mine in for the store but you can see from here what they will look like. I guess we will work on Owen next year!
Meet Grits...the Pugh Family elf. He came from Santa's workshop to watch my two little boys. Cole was scared at first but has warmed up to him as long as Grits doesn't talk to him. ;) I have explained to Cole that Grits is solely watching him and only talking to Santa. Let's hope he helps with our behavior.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I love this time of year when we celebrate our dear Savior's birth, the journey of Mary and Joseph, the angel, the wisemen. It is a beautiful time of year. Some of you know that I co-teach our two year olds Mission Friend class at church. Last night we focused on the holy family and how special they are. I tried to instill in them who Jesus is, who His mother and earthly father was in the short time we had. They would repeat and then I would ask again. I find it soooo important for our children, as well as us, to know the true meaning of Christmas. My family has always experienced Santa Claus but we have always been taught the true meaning as well. We are looking forward to spending time with our family and friends, being blessed each day and celebrating Christmas with those who we love. We hope that you know the holy family, our Lord and Savior and what they went through for us.I love my Willow Tree Nativity set that my sweet in-laws gave me last year. It is so special to me. We enjoy discussing it with the boys and hearing the questions they come up with.Cole and Owen both get as close to the tree as they can without seeing punishment. Cole loves to turn the lights on and check to see if it needs water. I have tried to explain that is a Daddy job but he insists! My cuties who have stolen my heart! I love them both so much (even when they are driving me crazy)! Two clean boys watching Mickey Mouse Christmas - they are obsessed with it which is great for Mom while trying to cook dinner.

A Glimpse of Us in the Mornings

This is what my crew looks like in the mornings...pjs, messed up hair, hungry, thirsty...Excuse the wide angle and the awfully dirty dishwasher. I need to clean all those prints off only for them to put them right back on it right?!

Cole never wants to pose and Owen sits to say cheese...literally. He thinks he will get a piece of cheese probably ;)

Many, many thanks to Pops for the camera. I am loving it and will figure out how to really use it one day.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Annual Thanksgiving Hunt

Aunt Meg with her boys.Owen is still drooling like no other - can't you tell? and Cole is rotten!

What a wonderful thanksgiving we had. We have so much to be thankful for; not just this time of year but all year long. One thing I am thankful for is family and leaving in the same town. Because we live in the same town as our parents and grandparents we get to see them more often and do things we might not do if we lived elsewhere. We are fortunate enough to get to see everyone during the holidays and not feel overwhelmed with traveling.

My father has gone squirrel hunting every Thanksgiving morning with some of his cousins, uncles and my Granddaddy. I have ventured to go once and knew that once was good enough for me. This year Dax took a reluctant Cole but when I called to check on him Dax said he was doing great! Several of the men meet up, shake vines, holler a little and shoot down squirrels...if they are lucky. Uncle Rayvon, Uncle Thomas, Cole and the dead squirrel

Cole holding one of the squirrels for Pops to snap a quick pic.