Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We have furniture

When Dax and I got married in 2005 we purchased only a bedroom suit for our house. Most of our furniture consisted of hand-me-downs (which i love) and college pieces. We knew that we wanted to purchase living room furniture when we started building this house. It arrived this past Friday and I couldn't be more pleased. I know we are going to enjoy having it. Please excuse all the random stuff sitting around. We are still trying to tie up a few loose ends and our plan is to stay tonight in the house for the first time. YEAH! I know my parents are sooooo ready. I hope to post more photos after the weekend. I am hosting my good friend, Allison's wedding shower!

We took the boys over last night to eat while we finished up some things. Cole loves "bock bock".

Owen using his high chair for the first time.

Cole even let Owen play in his room so mom and dad could work. They are so sweet to each other already.

Our couch

2 chairs and an ottoman. like i said there is still much to do but we are nearing the end.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Resurrection Day

We had a wonderful Easter full of great weather, sweet family and friends, a fun egg hunt and an amazing Resurrection service at Church. I hope that each of us remembered to reflect on this time in our lives and thank our Father for an amazing sacrifice and unconditional love. I was able to talk with Cole about why we celebrate Easter. Of course, he is young, but I pray that Dax and I as parents will take each opportunity available to instill Christian beliefs in him. Our Lord is so gracious and we are so undeserving of his incredible love. I hope that each of you celebrated the resurrection of our Christ.
Owen was excited to get in to the baskets.
Looks like that bunny should have brought us some bibs. He drools all the time. The four teeth explain it.
Cole paused to smile for me. It is rare to catch it on camera.
Dressed for church and waiting on Mommy. We just did make it to the 8:00 service.
Hunting eggs at Granny's house.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Owen is back to himself

Owen is much better. He is such a happy baby when he isn't sick which makes it even harder when he is. He smiles all the time! He, of course, is much more laid back than Cole ever was. It is amazing how God creates us! He is 8 months now; WOW, how fast time flys. I don't know that I ever updated with his activities; but he began crawling at 6 months and a few short weeks later started sitting up on his own. Around 7 months he started pulling up and now he trys to let go when he stands up. I don't know if he thinks he can walk or what but he is quick to pull up to the couch turn around and let go like he is about to take off.
I had Kim take his 6 month pictures and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. I love seeing how different Cole and Owen look when Cole was this age. I have included the website for you all to be able to see them. Hope you enjoy!

added password : owen_kb09

Thursday, April 2, 2009

One Sick Little Guy

First off let me say that we are so blessed not to have sickly children whom we have to visit doctor after doctor for or take medicine after medicine. This being said when sickness does hit it is no fun in our house. Dax left out Monday morning around 4 for a week in Georgia due to work. We knew Owen was getting another tooth (top) so the congestion was no surprise to either of us. Dax doesn't work out of town much but it seems that every time he does one of the boys is sick. Fortunately, for me not my parents, we are still at Mom and Dad's and I have had help this week. I am not one to jump to take the kids to the doctor only to pay my copay and them tell me because they aren't running fever they won't give them anything; but I called on Tuesday and they told me I needed to bring Owen in. So yesterday we ventured to the doctor with a child who could barely open his eyes due to a whole bunch of matter, a snotty nose and skin that was the color of a fire truck. This little guy looked terrible and what made it worst was there was nothing I could do for him. He would look up at me and give me the biggest grin :) We left with a diagnosis of a right ear infection causing the matter in his eyes that has now turned in to a form of pink eye(not contagious) and pretty bad eczema. We are dosing him up and hoping that everything will clear up quickly. We have been dealing with his eczema since he was 3 weeks old but just about the time we think it is controlled it flares up again. This time I wasn't leaving without a steroid cream or something. Mom put it on last night after his bath and it has already relieved much of the redness. We of course got weighed and we have a whopper of a child weighing in at...19 pounds 15 ounces. Twenty pounds? Really? Cole weighed 22 pounds a few months wonder they wear the same size diapers.

Speaking of diapers Cole will be potty trained as soon as we get moved in. He is very consistent with tee teeing if you take him to the potty but occasionally will tell you he has to go. Well, at school Tuesday he told Miss. Kelley and Miss Jamie every time he had to go and then he pooped on the potty for Nana(my mom) yesterday. We are making progress.!

On a positive note, Daddy comes home tonight and his boys will be so proud to see him. I am sure Cole will have to tell him about seeing "that cows bubble on his back". For those of you that don't know my husband's father is a farmer making my husband a farmer want-a-be. Dax would have chosen farming as a career if he knew it would provide for a family like it use to provide but these days it really isn't possible. Anyways, we check cows regularly, especially during birthing season. Mr. Monte and Uncle Clint took Cole to check the cows and it just so happened that one was at the beginning of birthing her calf. Cole saw a "bubble" and hasn't quit talking about it yet. He gets one thing on his mind and doesn't let it go. If you ask him who saw the bubble his response is "Monts saw it, Nint (uncle Clint) saw it, and Tole (cole) saw it. We saw that cows bubble!" He is a true boy threw and threw. He enjoys being outside every chance he gets and loves the opportunity to see the donkeys and cows. I know one day he will be helping Daddy pull those calves.