Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After our Prayers

Last night after we read "The Good Samaritan" and said our prayers Cole told me he wanted to meet God and go to Heaven, then he wanted me to sing "Deep and Wide." I sang it several times and began to sing something else when he stopped me and said...
Cole: Hey, Momma don't sing. Do they have snacks in Heaven?
Me: I am sure they do Cole.
Cole: Do they have Cheese-its, and Goldfish, and cookies, and pineapple...
Me: I don't know Cole.
Cole: looking up towards heaven, "God, do you have Cheese-its, and cookies and Goldfish and pineapple? No pineapple? Okay. Momma, God says he has Cheese its, cookies and Goldfish.
Me: Good Cole.
Cole: Are there beds in heaven? Why can't I come back if I go to heaven?

We are constantly having conversations like this. I thought it was adorable to hear him talking with God; even if it was about snacks in heaven.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Planting Potatoes

Wow! What a great weekend. The weather was perfect on Saturday; perfect for planting. Honey and Monts had plans to plant their potatoes this past weekend so they asked if the boys could come help. Well, sure they could. They had a great time and it was evident that Owen loved it just as much as Cole. I love the fact that the boys get to experience these type of days with grandparents. After they were done they came home for lunch, naps and of course, some planting at our house. It was killing Dax not to have something planted so he made us a couple of raised beds in the backyard for some small vegetables and herbs. We had a great time doing them as well and look forward to seeing them grow. They are positioned right outside our kitchen window so we can look at them daily while we are eating.Borrowing Brother's tractor. My little Red Head Hauling HayThe boys love the "big" tractorCole shared his time with Monts with Owen. This is so big of him.In the back of the truck with the hay.Hard working manFollowing Montsgetting the potatoes ready
Covering the potatoes

playing in the dirt

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Joy and the girls were coming this way for Spring Break so we met in Montgomery to take the kiddos to the zoo. I looked at the weather and saw that the forecast called for rain after lunch; well, when I drove into Montgomery around 9:45 the rain was coming down. It let up enough for us to get in the gates and then sprinkled just a little bit longer. Everyone had a great time!This type of monkey was so funny! She had a baby on her when we walked up but I guess we scared it because it ran off and she came to the window to socialize. The kids didn't know what to think. Well, Owen did...RUN!Owen thought he was as big as Ella Joy and Cole. He had to be right there with them.Nana pointing out the baby giraffes and zebras running.This is a good as it gets...Cole looking goofy and Ella tickled. I think they were laughing because I told them to say pickle.Terrible of all 3 but the only one I have.They really wanted to see the lions.
I thought the bald eagle was so pretty. Cole of course had to throw out "War Eagle!"

Monday, March 15, 2010

On the way home from church...

Yesterday we left church to head home and change clothes and eat. I try to always ask Cole what he learned during Sunday School to see if he remembers anything. Yesterday, he went into his actual class (this is huge for us because he would rather be with Cha Cha, Mr. John and Mrs. Alithia and the 1 -2 year olds). Miss Christy had reminded us to bring an animal to class since they were learning about God's creations. So Cole went freely to Miss Christy with his snake in tow. After class I asked him what he learned and he told me that God made the ducks :) He then proceeded to ask me questions...the conversation went like this.

Cole: what happened with Jesus?
Me: what do you mean?
Cole: you know! he went to the ceiling.
Me: what Cole? I don't know that I understand you.
Cole: you know, Nana tells me that is how we know it is Easter.
Me: Oh, you mean Jesus was crucified on the cross and died.
Cole: I don't want him to die. I want him back.
Me: Cole, baby, that was God's plan for Jesus to die for our sins and then he was raised from the dead and lives in our hearts.
Cole: Why?
Me: so we can have Jesus in our hearts and live in Heaven one day with God if we choose to. Don't you want to live with God one day? Mommy and Daddy do.
Cole: I do. How can God hold all of us?
Me: Cole, God has really big arms to hold all of his children.

I love that his mind is always working. He asks so many questions and at times this drives me absolutely crazy but it is questions like these that bring joy to my heart because I know that my children are constantly hearing about our Lord, Jesus Christ and what He did for us. I pray that there are many more questions to come.